Does your network operate as fast as your employees?
Or do your employees work at the speed of your network?

A fast and powerful network, means a fast and powerful workforce.

With the majority of organisations utilising Wi-Fi, your network needs to sustain a multitude of pressures.
Here’s our ‘Top Tips’ for a robust and resilient WLAN:


We are in the information age where people want to work as fast as they think. Having a fast and powerful network enables your workforce to be as productive and efficient as possible. Make sure your network has the strength and speed to support your users!


Bring Your Own Device is rapidly becoming the norm as today’s end users work from multiple devices and need anytime access to your network. Make sure you are prepared for the modern and mobile worker.


BYOD policies and compliance are key factors in supporting employees and guests. Know who’s accessing your network and set restrictions. Staying in control means staying safe.


With workers looking to be mobile within the office, they need to be connected at all times. Your Wi-Fi needs to be flexible. This doesn’t just apply to your employees as seamless Guest Access is paramount to improving business relationships through rapid collaboration and demonstration. An impressive network can be the key to a successful meeting.

LAN2LAN aren’t just experts in wireless networks. We fully understand what it means to support employees and guests in all aspects of a daily work schedule. Our combination of expertise in infrastructure, security and collaboration will give you a complete picture of what your Wireless Network should look like. We can help you build a secure, wireless LAN with the strength and flexibility to meet your modern end users’ needs.

We often find that organisations we work with are looking to either refresh/upgrade their WLAN or create a co-existence between their old and new WLAN, in particular when moving to or building new offices. LAN2LAN accounts for any circumstance and can be a true partner of choice for any form or Wireless deployment.

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