Wireless and Mobility

LAN2LAN provide innovative solutions to complex or unusual secure mobility challenges.

Our consultancy service can plan and design, install and configure then manage and maintain your wireless connectivity. Empowering your teams to work securely at anytime, in any location from any device you deem appropriate.

For over 20 years LAN2LAN has shaped the IT requirements of large and small organisations, across a diversity of sectors, both public and private. We have brought together a suite of complementary technologies and services to drive innovation, deliver real value and provide a return on investment.

Advice and implementation are a single discipline at LAN2LAN. The same team that writes and delivers the proposal delivers the project, because experience shows that where an individual or a team has total project ownership, the end result is better for our customers. We are particularly proud of our 95% client retention rate, which we put down to our strong values and consultative approach.

As LAN2LAN’s name implies we began life as a network infrastructure company. Network infrastructure has evolved during the last two decades and so have we.

Many projects still demand our core networking design & implementation skills, indeed it is our differentiator. How can you truly support mission critical end user applications if you don’t understand the network they run on?

The specification was based on robust models, prepared by people with a deep knowledge of the technology. Even before we rolled out the installation, we verified the design using the Second Life model. We had absolute confidence in what was proposed.

Infrastructure Consultant, Service Birmingham

Planning and Design

Good planning is the key to successful wireless network deployment. LAN2LAN’s wireless networking solutions include the most effective Wi-Fi planning services in the UK.


A specialist in-house team handles all of our installations. Their background is cabling so they understand practical connectivity.


Our Wireless experts ensure your network is configured appropriately, regardless of whether it’s a basic SSID configuration or a more advanced design.


Your environment and business process will shape the way your wireless infrastructure works.

Support and Managed Services

Once your wireless network has been installed and verified, we can provide comprehensive support to keep it operating at its peak.

Technology Partners

Our twenty years+ of experience counts…