Wi-Fi Buyer’s Pack

Whether you’re looking to refresh, extend or roll out a new network, there is much more to consider today than in yesterday’s market.

A Buyer’s Market

From wireless security to the additional ROI that can be gained from network intelligence, Wi-Fi now delivers a host of business benefits – which makes identifying the right vendor as crucial as it is complex. That’s why we have developed a complimentary Wi-Fi Buyer’s Pack for 2016: for you to more easily assess that market.

The Wi-Fi Buyer’s Pack contains:

A comprehensive Buyer’s Guide, walking through all the issues to consider, both today and in the near future – across Reliability, Security Network Management and Customer Experience.

An Evaluation Checklist, enabling you to compare the feature sets of rival products from leading Wi-Fi vendors objectively before requesting a full RFP.

An RFP Template, making it easy to gather proposals and to determine which vendors offer the best value to your business

The Wi-Fi Buyer’s Pack is free and comes with no obligation to try Aerohive’s products or services. So why wait?

Download “Wi-Fi Buyer’s Guide”