What Is Web-Scale IT And How Can It Benefit A Business?

LAN2LAN are experts in this new approach known as Web-scale IT, we can help you to achieve better business agility and predictable scale while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO). But what exactly is it, and how could it be of use to you?

Understanding Web-Scale IT

Web-Scale IT – a global-class of computing used to deliver the capabilities of large cloud server providers within an enterprise IT setting – is all around us.

It’s not just the likes of Amazon, Google and Facebook that use this data centre infrastructure. Web-Scale IT can also be seen in use by insurance companies, media companies, healthcare organisations and more. In fact, Gartner predict that 50% of all global enterprises will be using this architectural approach by 2017.

Web-Scale IT methodology relates to designing, deploying and managing infrastructure at any scale and it can be packaged to suit a wide range of requirements for businesses of all sizes. Rather than a single technology implementation, it represents a set of capabilities of an overall IT system and a core set of architectural considerations.

Web-Scale IT differs from a traditional IT infrastructure in several ways, and features the following properties:

Can handle rapid growth using the same technology to scale to much larger environments
Hyper-converged, with integrated computer resources, storage resources, software-defined virtualisation, and software-defined storage on x86 server platforms
A distributed system that can handle cluster-wide data and services
A self-healing system that is always on, non-disruptively upgradeable, with fault isolation, and the ability to predictably recover multiple component failures without bringing down the overall system
Can run multiple applications with diverse requirements simultaneously

The emergence of Web-Scale IT

Enterprise datacentres have transformed significantly since the hardware silos of the 1990s. Today’s cloud generation is breaking down the boundaries between private and public clouds, as well as between hypervisor platforms, which has led to the complete mobility of virtual machines and data.

The requirements of enterprise IT users have been raised significantly by the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon. These companies have grown rapidly to meet customer demand and needed a scalable infrastructure that could comfortably support their expansion. However, this has exposed the limitations of existing infrastructure systems, by pushing them beyond the demands of traditional businesses.

As a result, these companies were forced to develop a solution that better fit their needs. This new approach to IT infrastructure, known as Web-Scale IT, used a new set of technologies, processes and organisational structure.

Web-Scale IT allowed these organisations to achieve better business agility and predictability scale, while lowering TCO. It also featured operational simplicity and efficiency so that costs did not increase linearly as the infrastructure scaled, along with the ability for resources to be without limitations.

The business benefits that Web-Scale IT brings

These days, it’s not just large-scale internet companies that face these problems. Even if a company is just a fraction of the size of a company like Amazon, enterprise IT still has to balance the budgetary pressures of needing to do more with less, while driving business growth.

This is where turnkey hyper-converged infrastructure solutions can help. These use the same core principles and technologies behind Web-Scale in their architecture, while still allowing their customers to run the same applications and services they are familiar with.

Web-scale methodologies of software-led distributed architecture are now entering the enterprise market and offer significant benefits compared to traditional three-tier infrastructure architectures, such as:

Predictable Scale:  Predictable scale is an important operational advantage for companies that anticipate growth, because it eliminates the guesswork from infrastructure planning and removes the risk of incorrectly predicting demand for the future. Web-scale is not just about growing infrastructure it’s also about achieving just-in-time scaling and pay-as-you-grow economics.
Business Agility: 100% software-defined systems allow IT to quickly deploy and repurpose infrastructure to meet dynamic business requirements.
Lower TCO: Web-scale capabilities can lower the TCO of enterprise infrastructure by 40-60% relative to legacy solutions by reducing both CapEx and OpEx by up to 80%.
Well-designed hyper-converged systems can deliver lower power and space requirements and simplified operations compared to traditional infrastructure.

For SMB organisations, Web-Scale offers an “all-in-one” solution for IT generalists. This offers great benefits in cost, management simplicity, performance and growth potential.

For Large Enterprise organisations, it eliminates the risk for predictive planning for specific projects or whole areas within the data-centre, as well as nasty surprises with cost and performance, all while reducing the overhead of management.

Here at LAN2LAN we can advise and assist you on the best possible solution that caters for your business infrastructure needs and expectations.

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