VMTurbo: Take control of your
Virtual Environment

  • • Maximise the efficiency of your data centre
  • • Virtualised data centre to forecast performance shortfalls
  • • Cut Capex costs by 30% with VMTurbo
  • • 80% reduction in Performance Incidents
  • • Reduce expenditure on Software Licences

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Meeting the IT Infrastructure demands of business

VMTurbo has grasped the fact that the business doesn’t care where its workload is running, what hypervisor it is running on, how it is sized, and the specs of its OS, where its libraries or binaries live or any other IT complexity that will leave your CEO perplexed.

The business cares that every application works when it needs to work, as it was designed to work, and that it works quickly

In the digital economy where application downtime is measured in Pounds, Dollars and Euros, VMTurbo will keep your CEO happy.

How VMTurbo works to optimise your IT Infrastructure

VMTurbo is the only solution that processes the complex interdependencies of resource management decisions for you. It assures application workload performance whilst maximising the efficiency of your hardware.

By creating a virtualised environment, it helps plan for changes in the data centre by simulating changes, and validating that the capacity can support desired workloads.

Why should you implement VMTurbo?

• Assure application performance by maximising utilisation of current infrastructure

• Improve VM density by over 20%, effectively doubling your headroom

• Reduce support tickets by up to 80%

• Stretch budgets by removing guesswork from infrastructure upgrades

• Fully sweat your infrastructure assets

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