VMTurbo: Assuring Application Workload Performance

If you’ve never heard of VMTurbo, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was some kind of powerful airflow device – the latest bathroom-based technology to rival the Dyson Airblade, perhaps?

Of course, VMTurbo is nothing of the sort, it is a unified control platform that brings a demand-driven approach to assuring application workload performance while maximising utilisation in the underlying infrastructure.

From the user’s point of view, it means their applications perform fast without failing.

The conventional approach to managing a virtual data centre is to monitor and respond to alerts.  This assumes it will break. How about something that prevents issues from happening in the first place, avoiding potential disruptions to your applications and users. There’s no reason to wait until a threshold is crossed, an alert is triggered, or a help desk ticket is logged.

So, let us formally introduce you to VMTurbo – it’s unique. As well as being the world’s only proactive virtual environment control system, it can also boost performance that other “monitoring tools” simply cannot. And in a world where every order counts, how much is that worth?

VMTurbo is about the dynamic allocation of resources, which means that you no longer have to throw money at the problem by over-provisioning to prevent problems.

VMTurbo is the only solution that processes the infinitely complex interdependencies of resource management decisions for you.

It analyses all placement, sizing, and capacity possibilities across your virtual environment. It then determines what decisions will drive your environment to its desired state—assuring application performance while maximising the utilisation of the environment – dynamically and in real time.

A study conducted by Principled Technologies found that, through implementing VMTurbo’s recommendations – including reallocations of vCPU, memory and storage resources – application response time improved by a notable 37.1% while orders per minute also grew by 23.7%.

VMTurbo is dynamic in other ways. Today, it announced more than 100% year-over-year growth for the 20th consecutive quarter, more than 130% CAGR in the five years since it launched, and a record-breaking number of deals including Ryanair, GM Financial and AT&T so far this year.

This success underlined the wisdom of investors that supplied the $50 million in new funding VMTurbo secured in January 2015. This boost was largely thanks to ICONIQ Capital – a lesser-known Silicon Valley fund that is closely linked to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman.

This impressive seal of approval from such a tech giant has led many others to stand up and take notice of what VMTurbo has to offer.

So what exactly does it offer your business? For one, it promises an end to concerns about whether your company has enough servers or whether you are running out of storage space. VMTurbo ensures you are making the most of your existing infrastructure before any decision is made about whether or not to invest in expensive new hardware. It can also reduce the additional costs that go with that, such as licensing and operating costs.

It signals an end to the constant cycle of fixing breaks after they have occurred. Think of it as an ‘invisible hand’ for your data centre, making sure problems are prevented, workload performance is guaranteed, hardware efficiency is maximised thereby significantly improving utilisation of the virtualised environment and most importantly keeping users happy.

And as if that wasn’t enough, VMTurbo will pay for itself in 90 days. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at the VMTurbo ROI calculator to see the money you could save. Still not convinced? Maybe the VMTurbo customer guarantee will change your mind.

Still think VMTurbo sounds like a blast of hot air? We hope not. It could mean the difference between a good data centre and an incredible data centre. Which would you rather have?

To find out how VMTurbo can transform your data centre, get in touch with the team at LAN2LAN today on 0870 787 4001 or email info@lan2lan.com.



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