VMTurbo Application Performance Control

  • 30% faster response time for mission critical and distributed applications
  • Run on 30% less infrastructure or cloud without impacting performance
  • Manage 10x more workloads with the same team
  • Guarantee quality of service for any application
  • Trusted by thousands of engineers worldwide

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Put application performance on autopilot

VMTurbo software automatically moves, sizes and provisions applications to guarantee performance. The patented technology continuously matches any application workload demand to any infrastructure supply. With this unique, real-time capability, VMTurbo is the only technology capable of controlling and maintaining an environment in a healthy state.

VMTurbo’s software enables you to guarantee performance regardless of cloud, virtualisation, or application architecture. The platform continuously analyses application demand and automatically allocates shared resources, enabling you to deliver the performance your business and customers expect.

At the core of VMTurbo is a common data model that ensures application workload demands get the resources they need from the underlying compute, storage and network supply.

The core product, `Operations Manager’, assures application performance, while maximising efficiency whilst `Control Modules’ extend VMTurbo control further into and across the stack.

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