Virtual IT Manager

Management of IT and Telecommunications can be a costly and time-consuming.

With LAN2LAN’s Virtual IT Manager, we provide a flexible, cost-effective alternative to recruiting in-house IT management. Virtual IT manager takes responsibility for the entire IT estate, operating within an agreed budget.

Managed Services

Not many IT departments can call upon over 1,000,000 hours of experience. With LAN2LAN Assist you get all this – plus market-leading expertise

Support and Maintenance

When mission–critical systems go wrong it’s essential to put things right, quickly and expertly.

Cloud Based Solutions

The Cloud offers the potential for reducing costs, the scaling of resources, and an agile approach to IT that meets shifting business demands.

Network & Remote Monitoring

LAN2LAN Assist Remote Management & Monitoring helps avoid the risks of expensive remedial action and reputational damage by proactively monitoring servers and workstations.

Managed Security

Working with our key security vendors, we have created a comprehensive range of fully managed firewalls and security services using best-of-breed security technologies.

Technology Partners

Our 20 years+ of experience counts…