vArmour For Workload Security

  • Identify and stop malicious behaviours in one system
  • Precise threat detection and rapid investigation
  • Fine-grained micro-segmentation made simple
  • Simplified operations across clouds
  • Broad infrastructure support

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vArmour is the industry’s first distributed security system that provides insight and control for multi-cloud environments. With its patented software, vArmour micro-segments each application by wrapping protection around every workload – increasing visibility, security, and operational efficiency.

vArmour DSS Distributed Security System is comprised of distributed sensors that are connected by an intelligent fabric and managed as a single, logical entity – no individual agents or single-instance policies to manage. vArmour DSS consists of three primary components: vArmour Fabric, vArmour Analytics, and vArmour SharedDefense.

vArmour offers:

  • Network Visibility
  • APT Prevention
  • Broad Security Across Multi-Clouds
  • Environmental Separation
  • Compliance Assurance
  • Rapid Breach Detection and Forensic Investigations

Visualise laterally moving threats in seconds, secure 100% of your workloads anywhere, and increase efficiency of security operations with vArmour.

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