Software Development

Our Application Development team has a long and successful track record of building applications to support specific business processes.

We can take your project from planning and scoping, to deployment and long-term support and maintenance. This uses proven best practice and follows a structured application life-cycle model, based on deep knowledge of both software and project management.

Domino Application and Re-engineering

LAN2LAN is a specialist software development company with 20 years of experience in Lotus / Domino development. We can advise and assist your organisation with the modernisation and further development of your existing Domino applications, re-engineering to meet your new and changing business demands.

Legacy Support

LAN2LAN Software provides an outstanding software support service, both for systems that we develop and for third party applications. With our software maintenance services, we help:

  • Reduce costs by tailoring our commercial model and resourcing pattern to your project.
  • Mitigate business risk with our flexible resourcing model and responsive staff.
  • Deliver a consistently high level of support and efficient maintenance at a lower overall cost.

Application Re-platforming

LAN2LAN Software has a proven process for transitioning the Domino application platform. Building on over 20 years of Lotus / Domino experience coupled with Ascent’s SharePoint, CRM and bespoke development expertise, we can play a key role in the successful migration and re-engineering of your Domino application estate.

Our approach to migrating applications from a Domino environment includes more than just the technology element. By working with organisations to categorise the applications by usage, strategic importance, and complexity, we are able to assist clients in the phasing and engagement structuring of this critical process in order to highlight and mitigate risks and deliver the optimum solution.

Email and Collaboration

LAN2LAN’s Email & Collaboration team has delivered consulting and support services to UK and international organisations for more than 20 years

Email Migration and Upgrades

Every organisation has its own business goals and strategies that determine the appropriate email and collaboration technologies.


Advice and implementation are a single discipline at LAN2LAN. Our experience has shown that where a dedicated project team has total ownership of a project the end result is superior.

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