Skype for Business – Is Your Network Ready?


Office 365 has always offered more in terms of collaboration, productivity and support with Skype for Business being a popular tool for many organisations. User satisfaction among our clients has been high, but as we all know customer expectations are always growing and they want as much as possible from their investment. The feedback we were getting suggested that customers wanted more from Office 365 in terms of collaboration tools, data analytics and security. We heard the message loud and clear – and so did Microsoft. The tech giant responded to those demands by releasing its most comprehensive SKU bundle to date – Office 365 E5.

However, what’s the use of having an all-singing, all-dancing enterprise plan that will both revolutionise and simplify a business if there isn’t the infrastructure to support it?

Network readiness: the facts

Real-time VoIP and Video applications demand a lot from a network – more so perhaps than any other application. If a network fails to meet those demands, the user will feel the effects time and time again. The potential of a voice, video and conference platform such as Skype for Business is huge and no one wants a disappointing user experience. Luckily, there is something you can do to avoid this happening in your customers’ businesses.

The Network Readiness Assessment

Any business that is keen to enjoy the benefits of the E5 plan but is unsure whether they have the technology in place to achieve those rewards will benefit from a Network Readiness Assessment. This LAN2LAN service is offered to prospective E5 Plan customers; it reviews existing network architecture to identify specific areas that need optimising or remediating. As a result, Voice, Video, Cloud PBX and PSTN Calling are all supported, alongside the more familiar Office tools. The result is a networking strategy and roadmap that can help direct what action is needed.

What does an assessment involve?

The first step in the process is analysis of a business’s profile, collaboration and voice requirements. Once that information has been gathered and evaluated, the next step is to target network success metrics in relation to networking practices. A typical assessment will make recommendations on the following areas:

– Traffic simulation and modelling
– Documenting current client devices
– Locating network issues and bottlenecks
– Overview of transport reliability (IP probe tools)
– Determining network and client health indicators
– Performing usage and traffic modelling
– Skype for Business bandwidth calculator
– Quality of service and bandwidth management considerations
– Verifying quality of service
– Synthetic transactions for monitoring
– Fixing network, LAN, WAN and communication link bandwidth issues

Once the network has been assessed and recommendations made, LAN2LAN can complete the process by planning, deploying and finally driving adoption for Office 365.

Why choose LAN2LAN?

Not only is LAN2LAN a leading IT networking and infrastructure company, it has also been named by Exinda as the first QX Boost for Skype for Business platinum partner. What this means is that LAN2LAN is able to offer clients a solution that generates a truly flawless experience.

QX Boost for Skype for Business offers a voice, video and app sharing experience like no other, providing a unified view of both the Skype for Business application and the network itself. Speaking about the announcement, Gary Duke, Director and Co-founder of LAN2LAN explains: “Exinda’s QX Boost for Skype for Business allows us to define clear voice and data SLAs for our clients.”

He continues: “This is even more critical now with Microsoft’s new Cloud PBX offering (Office 365 E5 plan) providing businesses the ability to make and receive traditional phone calls from their Skype for Business client.”

Find out more

At LAN2LAN we are committed to helping clients make a seamless transition to all cloud-based applications and offer a range of solutions to ensure that happens.

If you would like to find out how you can better assist your customers in moving to an Office 365 E5 Plan, get in touch with the team at LAN2LAN. You can also find out more and get a live demo of QX Boost for Skype for Business.

Call us on 0870 787 4001 and help make every transition to the cloud as smooth as possible.


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