Cut costs and boost performance with Silver Peak

  • • Switch to internet circuits from MPLS
  • • Cut costs by up to 90%
  • • Harness the connectivity of the cloud
  • • Plug ‘n’ play; set up in minutes

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Silver Peak: Harness the connectivity power of the Cloud

Efficient network connectivity is an essential aspect of business in 2015. Without it, business productivity, effectiveness and reputation suffer. This is where Silver Peak comes in.

Frustrated by the high cost and lack of flexibility delivered by MPLS networks, businesses recognise that a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), which Silver Peak enables, reduces costs, increases performance and allows companies to connect securely.

What are your challenges?

  – Concerned at the high cost and complexity of MPLS?

 – Lack of visibility of the applications consuming your WAN?

 – User complaints about poor application performance over distance?

Six Reasons to implement Silver Peak

1. Cutting Costs: Save up to 90% of WAN costs. Savings are seen in connectivity, equipment and network administration costs

2. Flexibility: SD-WAN is a virtual WAN overlay ensuring Silver Peak customers can quickly and non-disruptively augment or replace their MPLS networks.

3. Maximise Visibility: Manage your network through a single dashboard

4. Boosting Performance: Through Silver Peak, businesses, customers and partners are all able to enjoy the same level of performance and robustness of applications, regardless of location

5. Rapid deployment: Plug ‘n’ play functionality and zero-touch deployment at distributed locations takes just minutes

6. Control: While broadband internet connectivity may be the end goal, Silver Peak customers can start out with a hybrid WAN and migrate additional applications into the cloud at their own pace


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