Maintaining cyber security is paramount for every organisation.

Your information is one area of business where you cannot afford to take any risks. Ask yourself, is your network security up to scratch? At LAN2LAN, we’ve been helping organisations protect their operations and intellectual property from increasingly malicious and complex cyber threats for nearly 20 years.

We see the security challenges from the inside, working alongside our customers to identify risk, protect points of potential attack, defend areas of weakness, detect cyber-security events and develop a response strategy.

Our security experts come with corporate, government and military expertise, they deliver true ‘end-to-end’ systems that embrace Enterprise, Cloud and Mobile operations. Helping you to ensure that wherever you operate – and however you do business – your IT integrity remains secure.

  • Identifying the critical assets in your business will highlight the vulnerabilities associated with them, enabling you to prioritise the security needs related to the management of data, devices, systems, facilities and personnel.This approach is particularly valuable to organisations moving to the Cloud, going Mobile or simply upgrading traditional Enterprise operations. Our experts will work alongside you to conduct Network Security Audits, Penetration Testing, PCI/DSS compliance assessments and ISO 27001 assessments.





Our Holistic Approach

We help business leaders and information professionals manage the risks associated with cyber security. We do this by developing holistic security strategies covering every area of operation….and then we try to break it.

This approach is founded on four security-focused functions – Identify, Protect, Detect and Respond & Recover.

These functions, underpinned by the latest protective technologies, ensure that organisations can leverage the benefits of their investments, with the piece of mind that comes front optimal cyber and information security.

The biggest challenge for us was completing the migration without disruption to the infrastructure. We had more than 200 rules on our existing deployment, all of which had to be mapped and migrated to the new platform without creating vulnerabilities, and with no significant interruption of service.

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Cloud Security

Cloud computing has many attractions. It can make technology available to all sized companies, reduce upfront capital costs and create a predictable budget for your IT resources.

Mobile Security

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Enterprise Security

The impact of network security breaches can extend way beyond the boundaries of your building or your business.

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Our 20 years+ of experience counts…