The Future Is Software Defined.

  • Next generation of Hyperconvergence
  • Load balancing and application services
  • Intelligent workload management
  • Distributed security systems for cloud environments
  • Scalable datacentre networking

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What Is SDDC?

Organisations are constantly looking for methods to maximise productivity, use technology efficiently, whilst keeping costs to a minimum. The concept of a Software Defined Data Centre means scaling back on expensive hardware whilst utilising the best available technology to fulfil essential business requirements.

Condensing a data centre and taking advantage of cloud based platforms is often a challenging task considering the number of solutions available. LAN2LAN have partnered only with outstanding technology providers rated highly across the industry in their designated fields of expertise. Alongside best of breed technologies, LAN2LAN offer extensive support and managed services, available year round.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure


Unify compute, storage, and networking to unlock the full potential of hyperconverged infrastructure in a simple and easy to use platform. HyperFlex unifies the Cisco fabric network and compute technology with a next-generation data platform.


Nutanix makes IT infrastructure invisible with an enterprise cloud platform that delivers the agility and economics of the public cloud – without sacrificing the security and control of on-premise infrastructure.

Data Backup, Data Protection, and Workload Security


Rubrik is the world’s first Converged Data Management platform that unifies traditionally silted hardware and software components. It eliminates backup software by integrating data orchestration, catalogue management, and de-duplicated storage into a single, secure, scale-out fabric.


vArmour allows organisation to deploy application-aware micro-segmentation in less than 30 minutes to separate workloads into logical groups across or on the same shared infrastructure. Securely hyper-consolidate infrastructure to increase resource utilisation, without sacrificing security.

Workload Management And Multi-Tenant Cloud Management


VMTurbo’s software enables organisations to guarantee performance regardless of cloud, virtualisation, or application architecture. The Operations Manager platform continuously assures application performance by matching real-time application workload and VM demand to compute, storage and network resource availability and business constraints.


Morpheus provide a complete Cloud Application Management Platform that allows IT departments to see every system in their organisation, including every app, server, and database — all with a single pane of glass. Morpheus let’s organisations compare costs and resource utilisation between clouds with built-in analytics.

Load Balancing

AVI Networks

The AVI Vantage Platform uses a software-defined architecture for application services to create a centrally managed pool of distributed load balancers which deliver services close to the applications. The platform brings public-cloud-like simplicity and flexibility to application services such as load balancing, application visibility and analytics, autoscaling, and complete REST API-driven automation.



Arista Networks is the leader in building scalable high-performance and ultra-low-latency networks for today’s data centre and cloud computing environments. Arista switches are the perfect network solution for the most demanding workloads.

Software Defined Network Platform

Nuage Networks

Nuage Networks solves the challenges of virtual networking within and across modern datacentres while preserving the freedom of choice for organisations. Nuage’s Virtualised Services Platform (VSP) provides secure, policy-driven network automation for private, public and hybrid clouds.


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