Ransomware Uncovered On-Demand Video

  • Protect your organisation against Ransomware
  • Understand a multi-layered security approach
  • Ensure employee productivity
  • Learn defence best practices

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To ensure that threats are not inadvertently allowed onto your organisation’s network, taking away employee admin rights seems like a viable solution. However, with the vast restrictions this imposes on the user, productivity would be immensely affected due to applications not being freely accessed to carry out important tasks. Alternatively, all admin rights can be given which allows the user to carry out their work as they need to, but ultimately this leaves your organisation open to a plethora of threats and user mistakes that can erase important data files, and leave your network vulnerable.

Another restriction and a risk of continuing to use ageing telephony means that in the event of a connection failure (due to roadworks or other external issues outside of company control) a complete downing of the telephony system will occur with a re-direct to only one number. In terms of productivity, this can bring an organisation to a virtual standstill.

So, what’s the solution?

As our on-demand webinar explains, Avecto’s Defendpoint solution implements a multi-layered approach to security that not only comprehensively defends and protects against Ransomware threats, but allows end users to remain productive and safe.

Keep your business safe and secure from Ransomware

The key to providing the best security for users’ data without interrupting productivity is a fine balance, measured across three elements of the Defendpoint solution.

  • Privilege Rights
  • Application Control
  • Sandboxing

The Ransomware Uncovered webinar explains what sort of threats are impacting businesses, demonstrates how Ransomware works using a real scenario, and explains how the Defendpoint solution is best positioned to combat malicious Ransomware threats.