Nuage Networks: Enterprise-Grade Software Defined Networking

  • Automated instantiation of network services
  • Supports open source and emerging tools to gain competitive advantage
  • Scales to meet the demands of 1000s of tenants with unique application requirements
  • Unifying complex configurations such as public and private clouds
  • Provides granular security policies that are applied intelligently and consistently

Download The ‘Virtualised Services Platform Datasheet’:


End users expect private cloud services to be as powerful as those available from major public clouds. Unfortunately, network limitations hamper IT flexibility. Organisations also face increasing options for network virtualisation, cloud management stacks, and networking hardware.

Nuage Networks fully virtualises and automates any datacentre network infrastructure, transforming it into a reflexive environment that instantaneously establishes the network services required to deliver cloud applications across thousands of tenants in a policy-driven manner.

The Nuage Networks Virtualised Services Platform (VSP) provides Software Defined Networking capabilities for clouds of all sizes – from small private clouds to the largest public clouds in the world. Nuage Networks VSP makes the network as readily consumable as compute resources.