Notes to Outlook Email Migration;
Business Advantages:

  • One single integrated email & collaboration platform
  • Embrace new ways of collaborative working in your company culture
  • Transform how colleagues connect, communicate & collaborate
  • Smarter collaborative working with customers & suppliers
  • Drive workforce effectiveness – work smarter

Migrating from Notes?
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Successful Notes to Outlook Email Migration

Email and collaboration tools are vital to every business. The flow of information is so central to operations that the idea of migrating from Notes to Outlook can be daunting. There comes a time when migrating is simply the right thing to do.

Business advantages outweigh the potential risks:

  • • Close and effective collaboration, team work and document sharing
  • • Better integration with Mobile solutions
  • • Efficiency gains for mobile employees
  • • Considerable savings in time and investment
  • • Improved data security

How you migrate will depend on various business drivers. These include commercial performance priorities, your IT team’s desire to work with an experienced migration partner and the complexity of your systems.

Notes to Outlook Pitfalls to Avoid

  • • Don’t underestimate the time needed to plan the solution that’s right for your business
  • • Lack of ‘Transition’ planning; ensure your plan is robust and is adaptive to change
  • • Training; ensure the right level of end-user training is undertaken to ensure proficiency
  • • Ensure your colleagues can call on support when needed
  • • Define the right level of security; think like an attacker and work backwards

LAN2LAN is a specialist email migration and application provider with over 20 years’ experience. We can take ownership of the entire Notes to Outlook migration and deliver the project for you. Or alternatively, we enable your in-house migration team by working with you to plan and up-skill up your staff. We would provide background support to your IT team whilst they perform the project.


This is where external expertise really proves its value. Contact us for a free trial of Outlook on 0870 787 4001 or use the request form above.