Do you Need a Web Application Firewall?

An update from the Cyber Security Team @ LAN2LAN

Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting public and internal web applications.

Today, nearly half of all data breaches are caused by attacks targeting web application vulnerabilities. To protect organisations from such attacks, web application firewalls (WAFs) are the gold standard.

A WAF helps protect web applications by filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic between a web application and the Internet. It typically protects web applications from attacks such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), file inclusion and many more.

However, some organisations may be reluctant to use these devices as they have a reputation for being resource-intensive, especially when it comes to quickly addressing false positive detections to ensure that legitimate users and applications do not get blocked.

Email or call our Security team on 0870 787 4001 to schedule a Web Demo where we will demonstrate how FortiWeb’s new AI-based machine learning addresses these shortcomings, why AI based machine learning is better than application learning, and why signature-based protection alone is not enough.

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Gary Duke

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