Mobile Security

Mobile technology has transformed the way people work and their operational effectiveness.

The counter-balance to these organisational benefits is risk…notably the weakness around security that can be inherent within any mobile endpoint.

The LAN2LAN approach to mobile technology is to advocate security that supports more efficient ways of mobile working, whilst protecting the organisation’s key data and information assets.

The management console gives us a single view of the entire network – Mac and Windows. This simplifies the management of the security deployment and helps to reduce our costs

Technical & Quality Assurance Director, Optichrome

  • Understand and control your mobile endpoints (Laptops, Smartphones & Tablets), the applications being down loaded (Whitelist or Blacklist) and establish appropriate access policies by user and by device type.






Maintaining cyber security is paramount for every organisation.

Cloud Security

Cloud computing has many attractions. It can make technology available to all sized companies, reduce upfront capital costs and create a predictable budget for your IT resources.

Enterprise Security

The impact of network security breaches can extend way beyond the boundaries of your building or your business.

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