Managed Services

Unlocking Smart Resources

Not many IT departments can call upon over 1,000,000 hours of experience. With LAN2LAN Assist you get all this – plus market-leading expertise – without any of the usual associated capital outlay. It is a clever solution that’s helping organisations to meet their business objectives within a defined budget to bridge the capability gap.

LAN2LAN Assist provides a range of services covering Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid environments, enabling organisations to inject cost effective IT services that enhance value, foster innovation, deliver growth and drive transformation.

Benefits of Managed Services

Optimum Size. Optimal Solution

LAN2LAN is optimised to support clients with a 50 to 5000 user-base. Our agile structure enables us to respond to customer requirements quickly and more effectively than larger providers.

Operational Financing

LAN2LAN Assist allows our clients to consume IT as an operational cost as opposed to a capital expenditure. As a result, Assist provides a welcome alternative means of IT financing, unlocking smart resourcing and enabling IT teams to achieve more with less.

Continuous Improvement Process

Over the last 20 years, we have committed more than one million hours to delivering customer solutions. We are resourced to take on any challenge associated with wireless and mobility, email and collaboration and security, using a tried and tested continuous improvement process. This underpins our commitment to the highest service levels across a diverse range of product and network designs.

Our investment. Your Benefit

Through our close strategic partnership with leading vendors – and our investment in training to develop our knowledge of emerging technologies – we help our customers optimise their return on IT investments.

Lower Costs. Faster Returns

Executives are no longer interested in how a network is built, configured and supported – they care about the underlying costs and the value it will deliver to the organisation. Our Managed Services solution bears down on cost while enabling faster benefit realisation.

Perfectly Positioned To Assist

Understanding IT and how to maximise its effectiveness takes specialist knowledge – however not all organisations have the budget or scale to provide the necessary resource. Increasingly, businesses with a 50-2500 user-base are choosing to work with LAN2LAN to optimise their IT investment and gain from expert insight built over 20 years.

Personalised Support Solution

Every LAN2LAN Assist service agreement is tailored to meet the individual needs of an organisation. Read on to understand the breadth of our offering…

Support and Maintenance

When mission–critical systems go wrong it’s essential to put things right, quickly and expertly.

Cloud Based Solutions

The Cloud offers the potential for reducing costs, the scaling of resources, and an agile approach to IT that meets shifting business demands.

Network & Remote Monitoring

LAN2LAN Assist Remote Management & Monitoring helps avoid the risks of expensive remedial action and reputational damage by proactively monitoring servers and workstations.

Managed Security

Working with our key security vendors, we have created a comprehensive range of fully managed firewalls and security services using best-of-breed security technologies.

Virtual IT Manager

Management of IT and Telecommunications can be a costly and time-consuming.

Technology Partners

Our 20 years+ of experience counts…