Using an End of Life Juniper Network? LAN2LAN can help!

  • LAN2LAN is a Juniper Elite Partner
  • Get ‘Same Day’ on-site support for Juniper Hardware
  • Experts in migration from Trapeze wireless
  • 24/7 Hardware Support available

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Get Elite support for your Juniper Wireless Network from LAN2LAN

As the Juniper Trapeze Wireless Network approaches ‘End of Life’, your company probably has a couple of decisions to make;

1. To consider migration to a new Wireless Network that meets your business requirements

2. How you will support your current Trapeze Network in the meanwhile

To be sat on an unsupported Wireless Network with no updates and old hardware will likely be severely limiting to the service your company offers to its staff and customers. It is likely that commercial performance, and certainly the goodwill you have worked to build up in your market, will suffer if this situation isn’t proactively addressed.

LAN2LAN is a Juniper Elite Partner, and can assist with any requirements, from Juniper Hardware support through to a Help Desk focused Technical Support resource with varying escalation SLAs.

Juniper Wireless Hardware Support

LAN2LAN offer ‘Next Day’ or ‘Same Day’ on-site support for Juniper hardware issues.

You can decide whether a 24/7 or 8/5 wireless support solution best fits the needs of your organisation.

Juniper Wireless Technical Support

LAN2LAN offer a Technical Helpdesk to support all Juniper Wireless queries, questions and requests.

The level of Wireless Technical support can be tailored to your organisation:

 – 3 Line support

 – 2-hour response SLA with a 30 minute ‘Critical’ response if required

 – Wireless Network health checks

 – Wireless Network upgrade recommendations

 – Site surveys

Juniper Wireless Network Migration

With the End of Life scale down of the Juniper Trapeze Wireless Network, current subscriber organisations face the prospect of sitting on an unsupported Network with no updates and old hardware.

Migration to a new network is likely to be an option you consider.

Your organisation’s Wireless Network Migration will likely be a critical project for your organisation, integral to your commercial success and protecting the hard earned goodwill you have built up in your industry. LAN2LAN understand this, and are experienced Network Migration partners.