Juniper Network and Aerohive –
High Powered Network Solutions

  • Benefit from the recent Juniper and Aerohive Partnership
  • Juniper now recommend Aerohive for Wireless Networking
  • Optimise mobility performance and tighten wireless security
  • Enjoy expert Juniper and Aerohive support with LAN2LAN
  • Plan, Build and Operate an exceptional network solution

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Juniper Networks and Aerohive.
The Complete Mobility-Centric Wireless Network

Juniper, industry leader in networking innovation has partnered with Aerohive, industry leader in wireless network solutions, to provide a Networking ‘Dream Team’.


Moving forward, Juniper is delighted to recommend Aerohive Wireless Networks. Aerohive focus on simplifying enterprise mobility with a cloud-managed, unified mobility platform.

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Juniper/Aerohive Partnership


Why Your Business Should Choose Juniper Networks and Aerohive Wireless:

  • Enjoy industry-leading wireless networking from Aerohive
  • Aerohive champions simple integrated network solutions
  • Mobility focused security set-up
  • Reduce hardware and maintenance costs
  • Unified management platform
  • Uniquely scalable from Small Medium Enterprise (SME) up to Enterprise level
  • Future-proof: the Juniper and Aerohive Networks solution is built to support the demands of rapid change

Juniper Networks and Aerohive: A Vision for the Future of Networking

Scalability and flexibility is a big advantage of the platform. Aerohive make enterprise mobility available to organisations regardless of their level of IT resources. And because the solution is inherently integrated, scaling up or down is straightforward. The consistent network architecture means development and deployment is simplified.


As a Juniper Elite Partner and an Aerohive Platinum Partner, LAN2LAN is ideally suited to provide bespoke design,
configuration and deployment services for your wireless network.

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