As our name implies we began life as a network infrastructure company. Network infrastructure has evolved during the last two decades. Despite this IT evolution, there is still a requirement for resilient architecture to underpin your final solution.

Today’s infrastructure can be on-premise, a virtual cloud service or a hybrid of both.  It is critical to make sure the foundation is right for the future to support business critical applications. With our network infrastructure legacy and our consulting and software expertise we are uniquely equipped to devise clever solutions. We understand the emerging technologies and recommend the optimal infrastructure solutions to support your application, service and resource requirements.

Network Performance Audit and Design

Change is the root of most network problems, especially in larger or more established organisations. Complexity breeds cost and people inevitably do things – and attach things – that affect the way the network performs. LAN2LAN’s Network Audit and Design service provides the insight into your infrastructure that allows rapid and effective remedies.

An audit explores the network from end-to-end, presenting you with a comprehensive report on your environment as it is today.

Our Recommendation Service gives you a detailed menu of recommended steps to overcome the problems we have highlighted and shows how you can exploit new capabilities, which your network is ready to support

• Switching Infrastructure Solutions
• Server Infrastructure Solutions
• Cabling Services
• Data Centre Solutions

Design provides a process for the planning and implementation of the next evolutionary phase – anything from the addition of a new workgroup, to a complete migration to a new platform. LAN2LAN offer high level and low level network design services.

We have the scalability and flexibility to work with small organisations, designing a 20+ user network up to large enterprise organisations. A recent project included designing a resilient network for a company with multiple data centres supporting 70,000+ users and 100+ applications.

Data Storage Solutions

LAN2LAN began developing Data Storage solutions in 1994 in partnership with HP. Much has changed in the intervening period however the demand for digital information has grown exponentially and become critical to every organisation operating today. To keep up with today’s business challenges, data storage solutions need to be more flexible, intelligent and easier to manage.

LAN2LAN works with technologies from HP, Nutanix and Tegile that help you optimise your infrastructure, conserve energy and improve your results.

• Reduce the resources used to manage and protect your data
• Consolidate inefficient distributed storage solutions
• Integrate servers from a variety of environments and vendors
• Reduce your downtime with faster backup–restore processes
• Provide a scalable, resilient and highly available platform – for applications and data.

Intelligent Storage Caching

Intelligent Storage Caching enables organisation to simplify IT infrastructure while delivering mobile users and remote offices fast, reliable, and secure access to data centre applications. This results in improved user productivity and cost-effective IT management.

As a leading IT network solutions provider LAN2LAN were amongst the first in the UK to deploy this emerging technology. It is creating the ability for real-time collaboration between remote workers. Teams are no longer bound by the geography of office locations or national boundaries. Organisations that are sharing these large and complex files are seeing time and resource savings as a result. At the same time the organisation is maintaining control over its remote workers at every location across their network.

Virtualisation and Cloud

Server virtualisation and Cloud is now a mature technology, it’s proven itself to be an efficient means of greatly reducing costs and simplifying management. Virtualisation offers a reduced hardware footprint, smaller power and cooling costs, rapid application deployment and cost effective High Availability make it a ‘must have’ solution enterprises of all sizes.

LAN2LAN have been involved in the planning and design of Virtualised and Cloud solutions since their inception, from an entirely new infrastructure with multiple hosts between multiple sites to smaller single site business solutions. Whether you are new to virtualisation or an established user we can support the control, security and management of your Virtual Machines.

• System Design and Vendor Evaluation
• Data Backup Solutions
• Disaster Recovery (DR)
• Desktop Virtualisation

Emerging Technologies

Innovation is at the core of LAN2LAN’s ethos and Infrastructure is no exception. We strive to create clever solutions that utilise the best combination of established technology and the latest innovation to deliver faster, cheaper and more robust application architecture.


Experience is Everything

Experience counts for a lot in our world and we’ve got over 20 years of it. We draw on this knowledge to identify the most appropriate specialist vendors, selecting the clever technologies that are best for you, rather than recommending single vendor “end to end” specific products, unless this offers the optimal solution. The result is a portfolio of established brands and new challengers with the latest innovations.

LAN2LAN has provided consultancy to clients throughout the UK and Europe, in a wide range of industry sectors. The resultant knowledge and experience gained has enabled our consultants to develop clever methodologies for successfully delivering projects. When combined with industry leading expertise and our Continuous Improvement Process, the result is a service that delivers clever world-class solutions every time.

Every 10 to 15 years, a tectonic shift comes along in our industry disturbing the status quo, fundamentally changing how technologically is consumed, purchased, and delivered.The most widely accepted approach for solving these legacy data center constraints is IT convergence. In simple terms, infrastructure convergence optimally brings together server, storage, networking, facilities, and management in order to achieve interoperability that utilises common resource pools based on a common platform.

The robust HP convergence portfolio serves to help you handle the challenges you face today, as well as those you are likely to encounter in the future. The three components of the HP next-generation convergence platform are the HP ConvergedSystem, Converged Management, and Converged Infrastructure Services. They work together to deliver an elegant, end-to-end experience.

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is a web-scale converged infrastructure solution that consolidates the compute (server) tier and the storage tier into a single, integrated appliance. Nutanix uses the same web-scale principles and technologies that power the IT environment at innovative web companies and cloud providers such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Nutanix makes web-scale accessible to mainstream enterprises and government agencies without requiring an overhaul of their IT environments. The Nutanix solution is radically simple compared to traditional datacentre infrastructures.

Symantec is a global leader in providing security, storage and systems management solutions to help customers – from consumers and small businesses to the largest global organisations – secure and manage their information against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently than any other company. From securing a consumer’s online identity and interactions to protecting an organisation’s mission-critical data, Symantec offers the leading and best-of-breed security, backup and recovery, data availability and data loss prevention products.

Talon FAST™ provides the most future-proof investment for today’s branch offices ensuring scalable and reliable application performance along with business collaboration across distributed workforce environments. The solution delivers 100% user experience by enabling full-scale branch office consolidation and eliminating performance bottlenecks. Enabling enterprise BIM applications such as AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, Bentley Microstation and Adobe Creative Suite is a major challenge. By leveraging Talon FAST, their flagship Microsoft Windows Server 2012 based file-aware product, which effectively extends your data centre projects into the branch, you can finally deliver optimal performance for these applications and associated components such as external references and linked files.



Exinda offers exceptional quality of experience for your business critical applications​.  Exinda helps enterprises, educators and service providers effortlessly exceed their network service level agreements and deliver the best application performance possible. This is achieved through an innovative approach called WAN Orchestration and the award-winning product, Exinda Network Orchestrator. This purpose built solution is designed to help IT teams manage the way users, traffic, devices and applications behave across the network.

IT organisations around the globe choose Silver Peak WAN optimisation to overcome network performance challenges and lower ongoing WAN costs. Silver Peak’s WAN optimisation improves the performance of all enterprise and SaaS applications, regardless of transport protocol or version — all without the risk of corrupting data or altering application behaviour. No plug-ins are required, which expedites deployment and saves both time and money.

VMware virtualises computing, from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices, to help our customers be more agile, responsive, and profitable. VMware empowers organisations to innovate and thrive by streamlining IT operations. By virtualising infrastructure—from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices—VMware enables IT to deliver services from any device, anytime, anywhere.

vArmour solves the data centre security challenge by protecting enterprises and service providers from advanced attackers and lateral moving threats across physical, virtual or cloud environments. Built for the cloud world where traditional perimeters have disappeared, vArmour’s data centre security solution breaks the cycle of malicious attacks and security breaches by delivering a consistent layer of visibility, control, and threat defence across the Data Defined Perimeter – wherever your data resides – thus removing the gaps in protection inside the data centre.

Veeam Backup & Replication™ is much more than backup – it provides fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of virtualised applications and data. It brings backup and replication together in a single solution to reinvent data protection and deliver the #1 VM back up for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments.