IBM Notes to Office 365:
Top Five Migration Tips

  • 1. Spend time planning, don’t rush email migration projects
  • 2. Set a realistic migration deadline timeframe
  • 3. Never under-estimate the training necessary migration
  • 4. Ensure a consistent user experience
  • 5. Security of Office 365 – think like a cyber attacker

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IBM / Lotus Notes Migration to Office365, Exchange or Outlook

Looking to take the leap from IBM Notes to Microsoft? Microsoft’s Office 365 has proved to be a game changer. Microsoft offers a productivity suite to businesses of all sizes at a low monthly cost which frees up valuable IT resource.

As times have changed, Lotus Notes and Domino houses are virtually all looking at ways to make the upgrade to the newest IBM collaboration tools or migrate across to Microsoft platform.

Key Benefits of Notes to Office 365 Migration

• Latest Microsoft Office capabilities proven to boost staff productivity
• New ground breaking ways of working, sharing and collaborating
• Access from any device, any time, any location
• Predictable monthly budget planning, flexible and affordable
• You can easily ‘scale it up or down’ depending on your requirements

Here are LAN2LAN’s Top Migration Tips

1. Planning

The single most important factor of a migration! Spend time planning and don’t rush it for the wrong reasons. Your core focuses should be:

Email and calendar invitations need to be properly routed and file attachments are properly handled during the entire migration project. Without this in place, users’ working day will be severally impeded.

Email migration and coexistence is the most critical part. Address book content needs to be lifted and shifted. Minor downtime can amplify to major blows to productivity.

2. Get The Transition Right

Many companies get IBM Notes to Office365 migration right and many get it wrong.  Often the migration timeframe deadline is set unrealistically, not allowing for some of the essential migration steps required such as detailed Discovery & Planning, remediation migration preparation and training.  Don’t be those guys!

3. Training

Never underestimate the training necessary for your staff when migrating to a different email and collaboration platform.  Without sufficient training, users will not be comfortable and proficient with the new technology, and so productivity levels will not reach their full potential. LAN2LAN offers a best practice migration framework, with a range of effective training strategies and techniques to enable a more seamless transition from one platform to another.

4. User profile migration

User profile and grouping of people to be migrated is essential so they transition in a timely manner, together with their relevant colleagues – so that they can carry on working seamlessly. Without it the user experience is inconsistent and training costs (or more usually, IT Helpdesk’s time spent) heightened.

5. Office 365 Security

Microsoft Office 365 brings with it some excellent security features. However, the best approach in security situations, is to think like an attacker and work your way backwards. With our migration and cybersecurity background, working with LAN2LAN is a great way to ensure a very secure Office 365 environment.

LAN2LAN is a specialist email migration and application provider with over 20 years’ experience.  We can take ownership of the entire email migration and deliver the project for you.  Or alternatively, we “enable” your in-house migration team by working with you to plan and up-skill up your staff. We would provide background support to your IT team whilst they perform the project.

This is where external expertise really proves its value. Contact us to support your IBM Notes to Microsoft migration using the form above.

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