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  • • A complete, mobility-centric wireless network access infrastructure
  • • Simplified IT Operations through Cloud-based management
  • • Personalised end-user experience, analytics and insight
  • • Identify new revenue streams


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Aerohive Wireless. Simplify your Mobility Networking

Digital transformation has become a top priority for businesses and IT leaders. Organizations of all sizes are looking to harness the power of contextual information and analytics to make better, faster decisions that will enable them to gain a competitive advantage. A business that wants to evolve into a digital organization must first become a connected enterprise. It’s the connection of things and devices that will act as the foundation of a digital organization.

Becoming a connected enterprise is an evolutionary leap for businesses that requires new tools and processes. Cloud computing and bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives are two of the building blocks that are widely deployed today, and LAN2LAN, one of Aerohive’s certified elite partners and resellers in the UK, can help your organisation in becoming a connected enterprise.

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Mobility, Productivity and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The mobility phenomenon is truly one of the drivers of technology today. A few short years ago, wireless was simply a convenience feature. Now with the advent of all these wireless devices, the requirement for mobility and wireless in motion, and the lack of physical Ethernet ports on these devices, wireless has moved from being just a convenience into being the true primary access layer for network connectivity. Gone are the days when a network administrator could sit down and plan “3 Ethernet ports per cube” and be ready to go for switch, access, and capacity planning. Now users aren’t connecting just their corporate-provided computers, but a complete array of personal devices, and according to Gartner, by 2017 it is expected that half of employees will be required to supply their own device for work purposes.

As we prepare for this onslaught of wireless mobility in the workplace, IT administrators are faced with more challenges than ever before – how much bandwidth is enough? What types of devices might show up? How can an IT administrator prepare for an unknown set of devices, with unknown bandwidth and connectivity requirements, with the same number of resources, and still rest assured that he can confidently say that the network is secure, high performing, and ready for the next wave of new technology.

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Secure, Scalable Wireless Networking for Connected Enterprises

In today’s digital world, it’s critical that businesses become connected enterprises and change the way they interact with customers, students, clinicians, workers or any other mobile individual. For the WiFi network to become the foundation for the connected enterprise, it must overcome the challenges listed in the previous section. The right wireless solution can be a game changer, and it’s imperative that businesses choose a wireless solution that is built for the digital era.

  • High-quality, secure wireless connectivity: For many organizations, the wireless network has become their primary network. This means the wireless network needs to be always on and highly resilient, and it must provide a great quality experience for even the most demanding applications. The network needs the ability to scale quickly to accommodate the rapid growth of mobile applications and other changes in the business climate. Also, security must be integrated into the network to protect its users and the organization from breaches.
  • Cloud networking: The management of wireless networks has evolved from managing individual access points to managing an entire network through a premises-based controller. This was a great leap forward when wireless became pervasive across companies; however, this model must evolve to meet the needs of wireless as it becomes the primary network. The connected enterprise requires a single architecture that can scale across the enterprise—from one access point to hundreds of thousands. A traditional, physical controller device–based model may limit the wireless network’s scalability. A shift to a virtual control technology can mitigate such limitations. Additionally, the management tools should enable unified management with granular visibility and control, rapid troubleshooting through a single pane of glass and support for any kind of deployment model including public, private and hybrid clouds.
  • Simple guest access: Having guests connect to the wireless network is one of the keys to harnessing the potential of the connected enterprise. Guest access enables businesses to offer visitors Internet access without compromising the company’s network. While the guest is connected to the network, the organization can extract a wealth of contextual information. But with many solutions, connecting to a guest network can be a complicated, multistep process that often requires the intervention of the IT department. Security must be a top consideration for guest access. Although enterprises secure employee WiFi access with enterprise-grade authentication, they often default to the lowest common denomination of security for guests, such as a shared PSK-based guest access SSID.


Optimise Your Wireless Network for a Mobile-First World

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from legacy 802.11X technology, or simply optimise your existing network, Aerohive provides clients with a pioneering a new WLAN architecture called the Cooperative Control architecture. It is a controller-less architecture that eliminates the downsides of controllers while providing the management, mobility, scalability, resiliency, and security that enterprises require in their wireless infrastructure. A Cooperative Control Access Point (CC-AP) combines an enterprise-class access point with a suite of cooperative control protocols and functions to provide all of the benefits of a controller-based WLAN solution, but without requiring a controller or an overlay network.

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WiFi HotSpot Advertising & Monetisation

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Why Your Business Should Choose Aerohive Wireless?

• Aerohive champions simple integrated network solutions
• Mobility focused security set-up
• Data access and sharing anywhere, anytime and any device!
• Reduce hardware and maintenance costs
• Unified management platform
• Uniquely scalable from (Small Medium Enterprise) SME up to Enterprise level

At LAN2LAN, we devise clever solutions to solve the IT challenges of wireless and mobility. Our team of advisors is widely-acknowledged for the innovative use of technology in enhancing, improving and transforming businesses for all sizes. If you have an existing WLAN deployment to extend, refresh or replace, contact us on 0870 787 4001 and one of LAN2LAN’s specialist Wireless and Mobility Advisors can explain how our solutions deliver a connected experience as a mobile platform.


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