FortiGuard – Advanced Threat Protection

  • Delivers comprehensive protection against network, content, and application threats
  • Defence from security attacks, viruses, botnets and zero day exploits
  • Provides real time updates – both push and pull
  • Assures some of the fastest response times in the security industry
  • Device-based licensing eliminates per-user fees for significantly lower entry & ongoing maintenance costs

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Advanced Threat Protection

Always ready to meet a threat head on, this team player never takes a backward step.

Successful teams understand their opposition. They analyse their every move and adapt their defensive strategy minute by minute.

Every minute of every day FortiGuard is working to protect your organisation:

  • 34 million categorisation requests
  • 310,000 malicious website accesses blocked
  • 210,000 network intrusion attempts resisted
  • 73,000 spam emails intercepted
  • 63,000 malware programs neutralised

FortiGuard assures some of the fastest response times in the security industry to attacks, viruses, botnets and zero day exploits. Click here to download the Fortinet Minute Infographic here.

Fortinet’s Threat Research Services provide the industry level insights that inform its Security Ecosystem. Fortinet is the only security vendor to collect real-time information from over two million FortiGate Firewalls. This comprehensive database of information and threats ensures your suite of FortiGuard products understand their opposition and the potential attack vectors.

Within Fortinet’s new Multi-layer Security Suite are the tools and parameters to safeguard core business activities whilst ensuring service availability is seamless.

  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Virus
  • Application Control & IPS (NGFW Service)
  • Database Security Control
  • Web Security Services
  • IP Reputation
  • Web Filtering
  • Mobile Security

LAN2LAN is a Fortinet Platinum Partner of Excellence, one of only two in the UK. We help business leaders and information professionals manage the risks associated with Cyber Security.


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Fortinet’s Multi-layer Security Suite. Outstanding products in their own right, even more powerful as a team.