FortiGate – High Performance UTM Firewall

  • High performance perimeter firewall to protect against sophisticated Cyber threats
  • Industry tested and validated for superior security effectiveness by NSS Labs
  • Consolidates multiple Security technologies into a single appliance
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Best-in-class performance/value to keep your network moving fast

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FortiGate UTM Firewall

High Performance Firewalls

Ensuring every member of your defence knows their role and works together to resist wave after wave of attack.

The Fortinet Security Ecosystem delivers unparalleled protection, ease of use and performance in protecting against sophisticated Cyber threats. FortiGate consolidates WLAN control, firewall, VPN gateway, network IPS, DLP, Anti-Malware, web filtering and application control into a single appliance. Providing a unique platform to maintain end-to-end security across your entire network.

  • One intuitive operating system for all platforms and services.
  • Optimised for internal segmentation, perimeter, data centre, distributed and cloud deployments.
  • 360 visibility and intuitive controls through single pane of glass interface.
  • Industry tested and validated for superior security effectiveness (NSS Labs “Recommended” NGFW and NGIPS solutions).
  • Best-in-class performance/value to keep your network moving fast and reduce operating expenses.
  • Integrated high port density for maximum flexibility.
  • Cloud-ready multi-tenancy and fast integration with 3rd party ecosystems.

Integrated Sandbox Threat Protection

FortiGate in combination with Fortinet’s in-line FortiSandbox solution delivers a lower cost, more effective way for your organisation to protect itself. Fortinet’s exclusive in-line sandboxing mitigates against known threats, new threats or malware breaches more effectively than stand-alone solutions. Integration across a single platform is the key. As quickly as FortiSandbox discovers new threats and evasion techniques, counter-updates and intelligence is distributed into FortiGate. The team pulls together to adapt and evolve its defences.

LAN2LAN is a Fortinet Platinum Partner of Excellence, one of only two in the UK. We help business leaders and information professionals manage the risks associated with Cyber Security.

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