FortiAnalyzer – Network Analysing, Logging and Reporting

  • Comprehensive visualisation of your security network
  • Forensic analysis tool with ability to discover, analyse & mitigate threats
  • Provides integrated network logging, analytics & user activity reporting
  • Shows how applications, web usage & malicious behaviour affects your network
  • Automated threat monitoring to reduce IT administration

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Studying your opponent to find their weakness.

FortiAnalyzer constantly assesses your security opponents, providing integrated network logging, analytics, and reporting across your Security Ecosystem. Organisations of any size will benefit from consolidated security event logging, forensic research, reporting, content archiving, data mining and malicious file quarantining.

FortiAnalyzer accepts inbound logs from multiple downstream FortiGates, FortiMail and FortiWeb devices. It presents an aggregate view of how applications, web usage and potentially malicious behaviour affect your network.

Functions such as viewing/filtering individual event logs, generating security reports, alerting based on behaviours and investigating activity via drill-downs are all key features of FortiAnalyzer.

Eliminate Blind Spots

  • A FortiAnalyzer platform delivers complete security oversight with granular graphical reporting. Its breadth of data collection functions eliminates blind spots in your security.

Mitigate Threats

  • Its unique forensic analysis tools provide you with the ability to discover, analyse, and mitigate threats before perimeter breach or data loss.

Automated Monitoring

  • The FortiAnalyzer system’s forensic analysis tool enables detailed user activity reports, while the vulnerability management tool automatically discovers, inventories and assesses the security posture of servers and hosts within the network infrastructure.

You can deploy FortiAnalyzer physical or virtual appliances to collect, correlate, and analyse geographically and chronologically diverse security data.

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