Enterprise Security

The impact of network security breaches can extend way beyond the boundaries of your building or your business.

Think reputational damage, loss of Intellectual Property, disrupted supply chain operations…and potentially catastrophic harm to customer relationships.

The good news is that LAN2LAN can bring 20 years’ experience and expertise from the corporate, government and military world to bear on developing and running security systems purpose-designed to protect your business.

The Fortigate solution has given us much more flexibility and saved us a huge amount of time. The network management is simpler and all the reporting comes to one place. We’ve also made life much easier for the girls.

Network Manager, Queen Anne’s School

  • Implement Network Security Audits and Penetration testing for ISO27001 or PCI/DSS accreditations, to track nefarious competitor activities or simply to take a proactive approach to your network security.






Maintaining cyber security is paramount for every organisation.

Cloud Security

Cloud computing has many attractions. It can make technology available to all sized companies, reduce upfront capital costs and create a predictable budget for your IT resources.

Mobile Security

Mobile technology has transformed the way people work and their operational effectiveness. The counter-balance to these organisational benefits is risk…

Technology Partners

Our 20 years+ of experience counts…