Druva Phoenix – Server Backup To The Cloud Using AWS

  • Removes burden of legacy infrastructure
  • Consumption-based billing – only pay for what is used
  • Scales elastically to support any workload
  • Leverages AWS storage technology
  • Cloud Security – guaranteed data privacy

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Converged Disaster Recovery, Backup & Archival For Physical And Virtual Infrastructure

Phoenix is a born-in-the-cloud solution that removes costly storage bills of legacy solutions and offers high speed performance built for today’s enterprise needs using a highly secure, single platform solution.

Backup infrastructure has a number of limitations related to processing and storing data. Druva’s cloud architecture scales elastically to support any workload while natively leveraging AWS storage technologies such as S3 and Glacier. Cloud security is no longer a concern: an unbeatable security model guarantees data privacy under any circumstance.

Reduce Costs

Druva Phoenix unifies backup, disaster recovery and archival in the cloud, removing the burden of legacy infrastructure and significantly lowering TCO.

Cost is significantly reduced by eliminating the need for expensive hardware appliances, data centers and costly administrative backup staff, especially in remote office locations.

Phoenix’s centralised management with its cloud-first approach also makes it infinitely scalable, globally available and suitable for large-scale and long-term deployments.

Traditionally, hardware capacity needs to be overprovisioned by as much as double to allow for peak consumption.

Phoenix’s cloud storage coupled with its disruptive consumption based billing allows users to pay only for what they truly consume in the cloud, eliminating wasted capacity reservations.

Why Move Backup and Disaster Recovery To The Cloud?

“By 2018, more than 60% of enterprises will have at least half of their infrastructure on cloud-based platforms.” – Forbes

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