Your environment and business process will shape the way your wireless infrastructure works.

LAN2LAN’s wireless networking consultants provide bespoke design, configuration and deployment services that will equip your business with the Wi-Fi deployment it needs.

They ensure close alignment between your network and your business mission, meaning that your wireless infrastructure can adapt and grow as your organisation evolves. Our Consulting services cover:

• Strategic and tactical engagements
• Existing networks and new projects
• Low level design & High level design
• Initial scoping through to project delivery and signoff
• Documentation
• Vendor analysis and selection
• Hardware, software and firmware platforms
• Integration with existing networks
• Mobile solutions
• Health-checks

Bespoke Design

Under the daily pressure to manage IT systems with limited resources, it is difficult to keep up with the latest developments that can deliver new services and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

That’s where LAN2LAN can help. Our experts have a wide industry knowledge that can complement the skills of internal teams. Our consultants will take a detailed look at both your business processes and technology to determine the best wireless and mobility solution.

RF Airspace Analysis

It’s where the invisible world of wireless is made visible. Our Airspace Analysis Surveys describe the ‘noise floor’ – the chatter of wireless signals that may already be present as we begin to design a network.

Airspace analysis is also valuable when trying to identify why an existing deployment is not delivering the expected performance. We have frequently identified sources of interference and attenuation that a standard wireless survey cannot find – anything from microwaves and near field communication (NFC) signals, to radar and Wi-Fi from adjacent buildings.

We perfected our expertise in airspace analysis in the Afghan desert, where we successfully deployed Wi-Fi networks amid the torrents of signals streaming across busy military bases. After that, installing a functional and reliable office wireless network is usually easy.

We had a requirement for a new wireless solution to be implemented allowing access for our corporate staff and guests at two of our centres. LAN2LAN undertook a detailed site survey and then presented various solution options to us, the Aerohive technology was the most impressive and keenly priced. As a result, the wireless connectivity has helped us to deliver better IT services to our members and allowed our residential guests to bring their own devices.

Blind Veterans UK

Wireless and Mobility

LAN2LAN provide innovative solutions to complex or unusual secure mobility challenges. Our consultancy service can plan and design, install and configure then manage and maintain your wireless connectivity.

Planning and Design

Good planning is the key to successful wireless network deployment. LAN2LAN’s wireless networking solutions include the most effective Wi-Fi planning services in the UK.


A specialist in-house team handles all of our installations. Their background is cabling so they understand practical connectivity.


Our Wireless experts ensure your network is configured appropriately, regardless of whether it’s a basic SSID configuration or a more advanced design.

Support and Managed Services

Once your wireless network has been installed and verified, we can provide comprehensive support to keep it operating at its peak.

Technology Partners

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