Our Wireless experts ensure your network is configured appropriately.

Regardless of whether it’s a basic SSID configuration or a more advanced design that includes Guest Access, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Voice over WiFi or Network Access Control, our Wireless experts ensure your network is configured appropriately.

Guest Access

Wireless visitor management capabilities make it easy and efficient for employees, receptionists, event coordinators and other non-IT staff to create temporary network access accounts for any number of guests. Guests can also self-register for network access.

IT retains complete visibility of each visitor’s network access activities, which makes it effortless to measure and audit network usage, identify Wi-Fi coverage requirements, and meet corporate and industry compliance mandates.

If desirable you can also create a branded look and feel on captive portals, posting customised ads, news updates, discount offers, and other targeted content to create a unique experience for all guests.

Mobile Device On-boarding

Bring Your Own Device BYOD starts with knowing how users and their devices connect – wired, wireless or VPN – and access corporate resources. User roles and device risk-profiles are just a few criteria that must be considered when determining differentiated access policies. Our MDM solutions allow you to control how users connect. IT can secure on-board devices, configure and update device settings, monitor compliance with corporate policies, and remotely wipe or lock IT-managed devices.

Network Access Control

Our NAC solutions take a fresh and innovative approach to solving the BYOD challenge – one that gives IT unprecedented control and a simpler way to rollout BYOD.

Instead of a silo technique, this solution integrates every critical aspect of BYOD – network access control (NAC), mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) – into a single platform.

The result is consistent, automated and secure network access that meets today’s evolving BYOD and IT-managed mobile device requirements – delivered from a single, extensible platform with capabilities that grow and adapt to changing business needs.

IT can manage network policies, on-board and managed devices, admit guest users and assess device health through a single pane of glass, on any network and without changing your current infrastructure.

The ability to communicate in real time with friends and family back home, from the relative comfort of your bed via Wi-Fi, has made a signifi cant impact on quality of life for UK troops serving in Afghanistan.

Service Delivery Manager, Paradigm

Wireless and Mobility

LAN2LAN provide innovative solutions to complex or unusual secure mobility challenges. Our consultancy service can plan and design, install and configure then manage and maintain your wireless connectivity.

Planning and Design

Good planning is the key to successful wireless network deployment. LAN2LAN’s wireless networking solutions include the most effective Wi-Fi planning services in the UK.


A specialist in-house team handles all of our installations. Their background is cabling so they understand practical connectivity.


Your environment and business process will shape the way your wireless infrastructure works.

Support and Managed Services

Once your wireless network has been installed and verified, we can provide comprehensive support to keep it operating at its peak.

Technology Partners

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