Our Hybrid services include:

  • Platform evaluation and road mapping
  • Vendor coexistence strategy for email and applications
  • Email migration
  • Ongoing support

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Delivering A Hybrid Environment

Whether an organisation needs use of both IBM and Microsoft technologies, or requires a combined on-premises and cloud environment, LAN2LAN has the expertise to deliver full end-to-end migration projects having migrated over half a million email boxes and counting, and can support and upgrade existing technologies alongside separate vendor solutions.

Why Hybrid?

Some organisations require cloud based applications but still keep an on-premises solution for email and collaboration, often driven by a need to control and manage their own technical platform to meet their client demands and compliance requirements. Our consultants will help your organisation to scope, plan and implement your new email and collaboration platform.

Coexistence Experts

Business needs vary. And whilst a portion of organisations often require a hybrid of cloud and on-premises solutions, others require a coexistence of IBM Notes, and Microsoft Office 365. LAN2LAN are experts at allowing these hybrid platforms to work seamlessly together, providing integrated and co-existent email, calendar and application solutions that interact smoothly.


In many circumstances, organisations have a requirement to switch technologies entirely for multiple reasons such as company policy or acquisitions and require migrating their IBM platform to a Microsoft environment. LAN2LAN have in-depth knowledge of both technologies due to our longstanding partnerships and successful delivery of over 500,000 email inbox migrations. To find out more about our migration services, visit our ‘Embracing New Ways of Working’ page.

IBM Support

LAN2LAN have been partnered with IBM for 20 years and currently hold the highest IBM Premier Partner status. We are one of the only organisations in the UK with the capabilities and experience to provide IBM Notes/Domino support for legacy users. For more information, please visit our Supporting IBM page and book a health check.