Cloud Security

Cloud computing has many attractions.

It can make technology available to all sized companies, reduce upfront capital costs and create a predictable budget for your IT resources. But as Cloud adoption grows, businesses also need to implement security solutions covering their applications and data.

We see the security challenges from the inside, working alongside our customers to identify risk, protect points of potential attack, defend areas of weakness, detect cyber security events and develop a response strategy.

Whichever Cloud strategy you follow, how can you control the applications used by employees for business that are not approved by the IT department?

LAN2LAN can help you address these issues, so that you can concentrate on your core activities.

  • Get an understanding of which Cloud based Applications (approved and non-approved) are being used by your user community.

When you are under the kind of scrutiny that we face, you have to be inventive and innovative to find ways of doing more with less.

ICT Network Manager, North Devon Council






Maintaining cyber security is paramount for every organisation.

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