Cloud Telephony: Increase Flexibility, Reduce Costs

  • Free local and national calls
  • Per-user model, eliminating expensive equipment
  • Reduction of travel times and costs with on-demand video conferencing
  • Predictable, operational billing
  • Soft client for PC and mobile devices
  • CRM integration

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Still Using Ageing ISDN Telephony?

80% of organisations in the UK are still using out-of-date ISDN telephony which is restrictive, costly, and binds employees to their desks in an age of mobility. In addition to paying for local, national, and mobile calls, organisations also have to pay for out of date PBX lines, as well as expensive maintenance.

Another restriction and a risk of continuing to use ageing telephony means that in the event of a connection failure (due to roadworks or other external issues outside of company control) a complete downing of the telephony system will occur with a re-direct to only one number. In terms of productivity, this can bring an organisation to a virtual standstill.

Cloud Telephony

Cloud based telephony is flexible, scalable, cost-effective, and future-proof. It provides a versatile solution that utilises internet bandwidth providing free local and national calls, and free calls over Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world! Cloud Telephony’s mobile twinning and hotdesking feature allows employees to work from anywhere using the same office numbers as before, ideal for the age of mobility!

With Cloud Telephony, automatic failover in the case of an emergency redirects numbers automatically to the respective twinned mobile numbers, allowing customers to call the same individual numbers as before, meaning business as usual for your organisation.

Cloud Telephony Capabilities:

  • Runs over any reliable data connection, from broadband to leased lines
  • Easy “plug and play” set up: initialising your telephone system is a simple matter of plugging in your telephones
  • Manages all system features and is responsible for the maintenance of the hosted platform
  • Operates with a wide range of leading IP handsets, from entry level handsets to the latest elegant touch screen devices
  • Personal auto-attendent makes sure callers can choose to speak to another part of the organisation in the case of employee absence

Refresh Your Telephony With The Cloud!

LAN2LAN’s Cloud Telephony pricing model works using a single billing platform in one of two ways, both on a per-user monthly cost. You can choose to pay an initial upfront cost which includes phones, provisioning and on-boarding and simply pay monthly for the calls, or spread the entire cost using monthly billing over the entire contract. The choice is yours!

LAN2LAN has partnered with Cloud Telephony Specialists and have helped organisations from SMBs to Large Enterprises refresh the way their businesses communicate. The knowledge of telephony matched with LAN2LAN’s widely respected integration capabilities is the best match for bringing your business up to date with the latest communication technologies, whilst moving from a costly payment model, to a simpler and more manageable cost.

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