Cisco HyperFlex Systems: The next generation of Hyperconvergence

  • Complete end-to-end solution
  • Built on Cisco UCS technology
  • Powered by next-generation data technology
  • Meets the needs of your applications
  • Agile, efficient, adaptable, and scalable

Download the ‘Simplify and Accelerate Your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Deployments’ solution brief:


Cisco HyperFlex Systems combine compute, storage, and networking into a simplified, easy-to-use platform. Hyperflex brings pay-as-you-grow economics of the cloud to on-premises infrastructure so you can gain new levels of agility, efficiency, and adaptability Cisco HyperFlex Systems deliver a new generation of flexible, scalable solutions that unlock the full potential of hyperconverged solutions for a wide range of applications, workloads, and use cases.

Why Hyperflex?

  • Provides Single Point of Management for Hardware and Software
  • Incorporates Blade and Rack Servers as Cluster Nodes
  • Provides Integrated Network Fabric
  • Designed to Support Virtualised, Containerised, and Bare-Metal Workloads