A Multi-Layered Defence Strategy against Ransomware.

  • Stay ahead of ransomware threats
  • Implement effective defence strategies
  • Protect important data
  • Take a proactive approach to ransomware threats

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The Power of Three

Avecto’s Defendpoint solution protects your endpoints against advance threats, protecting both the system and user whilst safeguarding private data.  This is achieved through the removal of user admin rights but without the risk of obstructing productivity, application control to allow access, and sandboxing to quarantine any potential threats.  This method uniquely integrates three proactive technologies to stop malware at the endpoint and ensures your data is protected, with productivity-rates and office morale uninhibited.

This combination of Privilege Management, Application Control and Sandboxing in a single solution allows global organisations to improve security against ransomware while ensuring a positive user experience.

Know Your Threats Series: Ransomware Uncovered

In the wake of predictions that the next wave of ransomware will be more pervasive and resilient than ever, Avecto’s Ransomware Expert James Maude will present his latest analysis of this growing threat.

Join the ‘Ransomware Uncovered’ Webinar, when James will present real demos that show ransomware in action, providing unique insight into how it works, and more importantly, how to stop it from executing in your environment. Join us by completing the short registration form above.

Prevention Is Possible

Download the ‘Why A Proactive Approach To Cyber Security Pays Dividends’ whitepaper to find out how a layered security solution can help your organisation take a stance against ransomware.