Aerohive. Ultimate Networking Connectivity

  • • A complete, mobility-centric wireless network access infrastructure
  • • Simplified IT Operations through Cloud-based management
  • • Personalised end-user experience, analytics and insight
  • • Identify new revenue streams


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Go beyond connectivity.
Let Wi-Fi inform your mobile transformation.

Wi-Fi connectivity is ubiquitous, its become the minimum expectation, rather like the air that we breath. Today, colleagues and customers arrive expecting to connect with you on any device and continue uninterrupted use of their mobile services. With Wi-Fi as the medium of choice, pressure is on to increase speed, capacity, security, access and simplify network management.

However, for some, embracing mobility means far more than enabling a superior connection. It means, capturing the information behind every log-in and using the insights to inform a mobile transformation. A transformation that enhances productivity and provides superior experiences that exceed customer expectations and deliver commercial value back to the organisation.

Before extending, refreshing or replacing a WLAN, discover how Aerohive’s Cloud Networking is changing the agenda; unifying platforms, uncovering insights, informing applications and identifying undiscovered revenue streams. Whilst continuing to deliver reliability, security and ease of network management.




If you’re inspired by the video, and have an existing WLAN deployment to extend, refresh or replace, register for an Aerohive Cloud Network test flight or speak to us on 0870 787 4001. One of LAN2LAN’s specialist Wireless and Mobility Advisors can explain how our solutions deliver a connected experience as a mobile platform.

Alternatively, download a 2016 Wi-Fi Buyers Guide, to understand how Cloud Networking can transform organisations and enable richer customer experiences that generate loyalty and increase commercial returns.

At LAN2LAN, we devise clever solutions to solve the IT challenges of wireless and mobility. Our team of advisors is widely-acknowledged for the innovative use of technology in enhancing, improving and transforming businesses for all sizes.