Aerohive Networks.
Simplified Enterprise Networking

  • • A complete, mobility-centric wireless network access infrastructure
  • • Simplified IT Operations through Cloud-based management
  • • Personalised end-user experience, analytics and insight
  • • Deloitte’s Fastest Growing Networking Company of 2014

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Aerohive Wireless. Simplify your Mobility Networking

Network Mobility solutions have become over complicated for many businesses. Aerohive has focused on simplifying enterprise mobility with a cloud-managed, unified mobility platform.

Scalability and flexibility is a big advantage of the platform. Aerohive make enterprise mobility available to organisations regardless of their level of IT resources. And because the solution is inherently integrated, scaling up or down is straightforward. The consistent network architecture means development and deployment is simplified.

Why Your Business Should Choose Aerohive Wireless?

• Aerohive champions simple integrated network solutions
• Mobility focused security set-up
• Data access and sharing anywhere, anytime and any device!
• Reduce hardware and maintenance costs
• Unified management platform
• Uniquely scalable from (Small Medium Enterprise) SME up to Enterprise level

Aerohive Architectural Advantages

• Controller-less architecture
• No U-turns, bottlenecks, or single points of failure
• Unified access layer including APs, switches, and routers to provide mobile-optimized networking to every user
• Flexible expansion—just add APs as your requirements grow
• Superior branch performance and survivability
• Real mesh support creates a self-healing network
• Increased reliability and reduced cost, because no controllers are required
• Advanced, value-added, cloud-based functionality
• Minimal feature licenses—virtually everything you need is built into the system

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