About us

We are quick to understand, learn, and devise CLEVER solutions. There are NO LIMITS in our search for innovation. Our SOLUTIONS enhance, improve and transform your organisation. With 2,300,000 hours experience, you bet we’re WORLD CLASS.

We devise clever solutions to solve the IT challenges of Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Secure Wireless, Mobility and Cyber Security. Our world-class team of advisors is widely-acknowledged for the innovative use of technology in enhancing, improving and digitally transforming businesses.

Our 24 year heritage ensures that wherever your workloads and applications reside they will be fast performing, highly secure and deliver the desired business outcome.

It is this unique combination of experience and personal engagement that sets us apart from traditional product resellers. Welcome to Clever Solutions, No Limits. Welcome to LAN2LAN.


Integrity – We Get It Done. Properly.

Every organisation will tell you it has a “can do” attitude and we’re no different. What sets us apart is that we believe in getting the job done, properly. Sometimes that means challenging the problem before even considering a solution. It is the reason our customer retention rate is 98%.

Customer Service – Large Enough To Make A Difference, Small Enough To Care

We are not the largest organisation in our sector but we are the perfect fit for our core market and our customer requirements. By design we’re large enough to attract the best colleagues and leverage cost advantages, yet small enough to remain agile and responsive to our customers. Our experts feel valued and our customers benefit.

Clever Solutions

LAN2LAN’s world-class team of advisors is widely-acknowledged for the innovative use of technology in enhancing, improving and transforming businesses. We take an agnostic approach to identifying “the best of breed”. The result is a blended portfolio of new apps, emerging technologies and established solutions. This consultative approach fosters innovation and delivers real value and a return on investment.

Responsibility – It’s Personal

Our personal approach sets us apart from the crowd. We build trust based on integrity and our unbiased consultative approach. To truly understand why we retain so many of our customers for so long just pick up the phone – we’d love to tell you more.


Stable Management, Enduring Ethos

LAN2LAN was formed in 1994 when Gary Duke, John Goodman, Pankaj Vekria and Steve Bunce spotted the market potential for providing IT and network professional services and specialist consultancy.

Today, under the same leadership, we operate from a dedicated HQ and Technology Centre in Leatherhead and count major names such as John Lewis Partnership, Aviva, Metro Bank, Airbus, Virgin Trains, Balfour Beatty, GDF SUEZ Energy International and Toyota amongst our client list. We have a worldwide client base, a staff of 50 people and a turnover that now exceeds £10,000,000. We operate to the same ethos of innovation, collaboration, customer service and trust.

Our Network Infrastructure Legacy, Your Advantage

As LAN2LAN’s name implies we began life as a network infrastructure company. Network infrastructure has evolved during the last two decades and so have we.

Many projects still demand our core networking design & implementation skills, indeed it is our differentiator. How can you truly support mission critical end user applications if you don’t understand the network they run on?

It is the infrastructure legacy that has enabled us to evolve our service offering to what it is today. All our advice is underpinned by our extensive knowledge of physical connectivity and network architecture. When combined with our consulting and software expertise we are uniquely equipped to devise clever solutions to solve the IT challenges of wireless and mobility, email and collaboration and security.


Promises Made, Promises Kept

The IT industry has been plagued by a reputation of over promise and under delivery. This situation has been fuelled by the separation of sales/pre-sales and implementation teams. At LAN2LAN there is no division – the team that assists with capturing the business requirements and scope, is the one that delivers the project, eliminating the usual “disconnect”. Whether a two-day engagement or a six-month project the process is the same, a full scope of work and terms of reference is created and agreed prior to the start of any activity. This approach helps us keep the promises we make…and creates customer relationships built on trust.


Not Just Another IT Service Provider

For over 24 years LAN2LAN has shaped the IT requirements of large and small organisations, across a diversity of sectors, both private and public. We have brought together a suite of complementary technologies and services to drive innovation, deliver real value and provide a return on investment.

Today, we provide insight and support right across the Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Secure Wireless, Mobility and Cyber Security spectrum. We are particularly proud of our 98% client retention rate, which we put down to our strong values and consultative approach to projects.

Perfectly Positioned To Assist

Understanding IT and how to maximise its effectiveness takes specialist knowledge – however not all organisations have the budget or scale to provide the necessary resource. Increasingly, businesses from 50 to 5000+ user-base are choosing to work with LAN2LAN to optimise their IT investment and gain from expert insight built over two decades.

The Benefits Of Experience

Over the last 24 years we have spent more than two million hours delivering customer solutions. We are well prepared to take on any challenge email and collaboration, wireless and mobility and security, can provide. Our Continuous Improvement Process and ongoing vendor accreditations, ensures our clients are provided the best possible service, leveraging knowledge gained across LAN2LAN’s supported clients and diverse product and network configurations.

Most Talented IT And Cloud Professionals In The UK

We have assembled a team that includes some of the most talented IT and cloud-knowledgeable professionals in the UK. They are the backbone of our highly successful Managed Services offering – LAN2LAN Assist – which we see as being a key part of our growth strategy over the next 20 years.

With our subject-matter experts and our Continuous Improvement Process, LAN2LAN are prepared for virtually any challenge that security, wireless and email and collaboration can provide. Our long standing partnerships with the leading technology providers are testament to the position we have attained in the industry.


So what makes LAN2LAN so good to work with? Don’t ask us, read what our customers say…

“LAN2LAN’s approach to making the solution work, even in a tight timeframe, matched our own dedication to providing the kind of security our customers need to provide outstanding service to their clients.”

Technical & Quality Assurance Director, Optichrome

“LAN2LAN impressed us with their technical ability, but it was the project management that really set them apart. This was a complex global email migration, and it was completed according to schedule, with no disruption. My phone was not ringing off the hook, and users at our locations all around the world appreciated the smooth delivery of the programme.”

VP Information Technology, ShawCor, Toronto, Canada

“LAN2LAN’s specification saved us a lot of time and eliminated a lot of potential waste. The economics of a deployment like this are complex, especially with the public sector under so much pressure to cut costs. We had to be sure we were procuring enough access points to deliver a great service, without over-spending.”

Infrastructure Consultant for Service Birmingham


Pankaj Vekria – Commercial Director

Responsible for: Day-to-day commercial management of the company.

Initially trained as a communications engineer, Pankaj has been working in the IT industry since 1986. An MBA from Liverpool University, he was the initiator of LAN2LAN’s pioneering move into mobile data services and promotion of the BlackBerry® in the market. At the helm of the organisation Pankaj manages the strategic direction of the business alongside his financial, legal and commercial directorates.

Gary Duke – Sales and Marketing Director

Responsible for: Developing the business and identifying the clever technologies capable of powering successful organisations today – and tomorrow.

Gary worked as a consultant advising on IT systems and strategy in the Petro Chemical and Media sectors. Gary is a perfectionist and having witnessed, first hand, poor sales and technical advice, decided to move into more of a direct customer advisory role using his technical and consulting background to help business solve their IT challenges by providing solutions based on best advice, guidance and innovation. These underlying principles continue to support the business focus of LAN2LAN today.

Steve Bunce – Technical Director

Responsible for: Developing IT strategy internally and service delivery for customers.

Successfully delivering technical solutions involves a good understanding of a customer’s network and what they are trying to achieve. “This has to be married to meeting project deadlines and budgets,” says Steve who is in charge of the consultancy and technical services team.

Originally a bio-technician for several academic organisations, Steve has been involved in providing IT solutions over the past 25 years, and has been responsible for the technical development of LAN2LAN’s solutions since the company’s foundation.

John Goodman – Operations Director

Responsible for: Smooth running of internal systems to support customer teams.

John got the technology bug early, as a store manager for WH Smith, and helped set-up their Business Computer Centres. “I realised how cool technology was – and how clever it can make your business.” In particular, he was among the first to spot the vast potential of organisational collaboration tools for the automation of workflow and business processes. His retail background means that customer service is part of his DNA.