General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

  • What is GDPR?
  • Why does GDPR matter to you?
  • How do you start the compliance journey?
  • What are the next steps?

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The EU data protection legislation comes into force on 25th May 2018 and, regardless of Brexit, will apply to all UK organisations holding personal data.

Personal Data

GDPR law only applies to personal data. It gives rights to anyone wishing to be forgotten and have their information removed from company databases. It has a 3-fold impact: Legal and Compliance, Security and Protection, and how organisations market themselves to the public.

What Are The Compliance Penalties?

Non-compliance is a risk to any organisation as the fines for a data breach under the GDPR law are a tiered approach. The penalties are up to the higher of either 4% of annual worldwide turnover, or €20million, per breach. Some companies will be taking on Data Protection Officers who hold expert knowledge in this field, and it is their requirement to report a breach to the regulatory authority within 72 hours of awareness. This sets a huge challenge as most breaches often lie unnoticed for weeks if not months.  However, most companies will find that they need assistance in preparing for GDPR.


Start Your Journey

The GDPR journey has two major business areas that need to be addressed. The first is security as protecting and securing personal data held within your organisation is a critical initiative. Malicious threats invade businesses on a daily basis and ensuring that data is protected both at the data centre and on end-points is a first and foremost for any organisation.The second area that must be explored is Data Remediation. Your organisation will need to understand what is:

  • Sensitive and relevant data
  • Data needed for compliance
  • Inaccessible data
  • Duplicated data
  • Redundant or obsolete data

Understanding internal data at a granular level helps organisations on their journey towards compliancy and can also be a huge cost saving.LAN2LAN’s unique data remediation tool helps you analyse and take control of all unstructured data potentially saving 70% in unnecessary data stored, leading to a highly significant cost saving. Coupled with our multi-layered security solutions and our GDPR specialists, we believe we are a partner of choice for any organisation, regardless of size, needing to tackle the task of data compliance and security.

How To Prepare For GDPR

LAN2LAN offer specialised assessment services that help organisations understand the current status of their data and security. We can consult, inform and educate on the finer details of GDPR and how to construct an appropriate framework to ensure your organisation is fully prepared.