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Wireless Network Solutions

Wi-Fi and mobility are not just about working on the move. Wireless LANs and wireless WANs allow much greater freedom of movement on-site, boosting productivity and efficiency. Wireless network solutions can also reduce the cost of owning and managing your networks, and allow for faster scaling and change to support the business.

Specialist wireless networking consultancy

In the early days of wireless networking, many networks were set up without a proper understanding of how wireless signals work in busy office environments.

LAN2LAN wireless networking solutions are backed by years of specialist expertise and experience. We know how to design, build and verify new wireless networks, and how to overcome failings in existing Wi-Fi installations.

We use the latest 802.11 standards to deliver secure, high performance wireless coverage. All our installations are based on professional wireless network planning and surveys, and we offer specialist Wi-Fi protection with Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS).

Our wireless networking consultants have designed and deployed robust Wi-Fi networks in the deserts of Afghanistan, in schools and hospitals, and in some the biggest corporate headquarters in the UK. We've even designed a viable wireless network for buildings that haven't been built yet, working from drawings and sophisticated modelling software.

Secure, reliable Wi-Fi

LAN2LAN wireless solutions include wireless backhaul, wireless voice services, location-based services for asset tracking, and portable wireless networks. We can also back our deployments with specialist wireless services, including installation, configuration and bespoke services.

We bring deep knowledge and a thorough grasp of the technology to every project, working with solutions from the world's leading vendors.

LAN2LAN Wireless Networking – Further Information

If you would like to know more about LAN2LAN Wireless Networking Solutions, contact us today on 0870 787 4001 or email info@lan2lan.com


“Over the last two years LAN2LAN has worked closely with Chesterfield Royal Hospital - from the initial WLAN configuration and installation; and later transferring skills and knowledge to our IT team.”

Equipping staff with this expertise allowed them to take on the maintenance of own wireless network, improving the quality of our IT infrastructure; and making a positive contribution to the trust’s cost efficiency programme .”

David Linacre, ICT Manager,
Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Trust

The LAN2LAN Difference

When it comes to delivering smart networks with no limits LAN2LAN offers:

  • Expert solutions that deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI)
  • Widely experienced specialists, consultants and engineers, available when you need them
  • Cost–effective support
  • Trusted advisors, who become part of your IT team
  • The ability to translate your business practices and requirements into secure, workable and understandable IT solutions

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