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LAN2LAN selected 4D Data Centres Limited as their hosting partner to offer co–location products and services to new and existing customers. LAN2LAN also host our own DR infrastructure and web servers in racks at 4D Data Centres.

4D Data Centres offer physical space for IT equipment such as server, storage and devices – providing power, cooling and connectivity in a secure and well maintained environment.

Many organisations use this Surrey–based data centre facility as it provides secure, fast, and resilient dark fibre internet connectivity with automatic failover.
The on–site Network Operation Centre (NOC) monitors the data centre network 24 x 7, 365 days a year with 1st and 2nd line support, and an online portal is available for account management, power control, reporting, billing and help desk communication.

For some businesses, locating their servers into a data centre may not be necessary; however you may want to ask the following questions:
  • How much would we save if we consolidated all our servers in one location?
  • How much will it cost us if we need to expand our current IT infrastructure in the future?
  • What would be the business impact and cost to the company if we lost our servers to a power–cut, theft, fire or flood?

If the answer to any of the above is “a lot”, then a data centre may be the best option for your organisation.

4D Data Centres has been designed with these main points in mind:

1. ROI : Server consolidation to an off–site location

Customers can consolidate their servers and co–locate their IT equipment into 4D Data Centres environment to reduce their own power and cooling costs and to minimise the impact to an organisation due to system downtime. Full racks, half racks and quarter racks are available with an uninterruptable power supply.

Your IT equipment will be kept in the best possible condition by providing an environment which keeps them at a constant humidity and temperature level within the data racks using cold aisle containment.

The use of a co–location facility enables the high overhead cost of a data centre to be shared across many clients, giving economies of scale and a much higher degree of security and reliability.

4D will also take care of the essential services such air conditioning maintenance and internet connection reliability, allowing IT Managers to focus on the more productive IT projects in hand.

IT Managers will have remote access to your servers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and free 15 minutes per day remote technical and skill support service, known as “remote hands” to request assistance with changes to be made in the data centre environment.

2. Scalability : Expand your current IT infrastructure

Many IT–reliant businesses and projects experience very rapid growth and this creates the need for an infrastructure that can be scaled quickly and reliably. 4D Data Centres can help to mitigate the risk of scalability such as recruiting and retaining the additional IT staff required to install, maintain and support this mission–critical infrastructure. 4D have the staff resources and technical infrastructure in place to enable you to grow your business.

3. Reliability & Protection

4D are confident to offer you 100% uptime service level agreement on power and 99.99% uptime service level agreement on network availability. Can you achieve this level of reliability within your organisation?

4D can also offer you protection against elements beyond your control such as power–cuts, theft, fire and floods:

4D have their own resilient power supply through a UPS system giving an uninterruptable power and also their own back–up generator just for good measure. This provides the best possible environment to keep your servers at a constant humidity and temperature level and supplies them with continuous power supply and connectivity so in the event of a power failure your servers – and your business – will keep running.

Your servers will be stored in secure cabinets (racks) to which only a few people have authorised access. These high quality racks comprise of secure metal frames, solid metal side panels and meshed doors with combination locks. Additional security is available in the form of cages if required.
The racks are located in the data centre where special security measures are taken to look after your IT equipment with CCTV and motion detector alarms inside and outside the building, plus infra–red detection (night vision) and on–site security guards.

4D has installed VESDA smoke detectors in both the ceiling and under the floor at their data centre environment which constantly monitors and samples the air, immediately detecting any slight variance or fluctuation and alerting the Network Operation Centre.

An under–floor water leak detection system is built into the data centre floor giving an early indication of any potential problems.

In summary
4D have been working in collaboration with LAN2LAN on customer projects over the last 3 years. We originally selected 4D Data Centres as our hosting partner because of their integrity, flexibility and ‘can do’ attitude.
Also, the value–add services listed above are provided by 4D Data Centres free of charge, whereas other companies will charge extra, or worse still, cannot offer these assurances to our customers.

Please contact your LAN2LAN Account Manager who will be happy to discuss your hosting requirements and arrange a visit to see the offering from 4D Data Centres.

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